Industry & Jobs

METRONET is a job-creating program of works, which will provide local businesses with significant opportunities.

Early engagement with industry has and will help define the projects to make sure they are built on time and on budget so the people of Perth can benefit from them.

How the projects are delivered is being finalised.

The PTA’s Major Projects Unit will build the rail infrastructure.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) or Western Australian Planning Commission will be responsible for these masterplans’ statutory implementation.

Nominated agencies, such as LandCorp, Department of Communities or MRA, will prepare the relevant planning schemes and complete detailed structure planning and development where required.

More information on these packages of work will be released via TendersWA.

Industry Briefing

METRONET held an Industry Briefing on 18 July 2018 to share information about the upcoming project tender opportunities for local WA industry.

Information from the briefing:
- Industry Briefing presentation
- Industry briefing brochure


This is Perth’s most ambitious program of rail projects and will deliver approximately 72 kilometres of new passenger rail, up to 18 new stations.

But it’s not just about public transport.

The job-creating project will see transport investment as a vehicle for land-use planning to create vibrant new communities.

Visit the WA Jobs Board for more information.