Access and Inclusion

Access and Inclusion Reference Group

Stations and the surrounding precincts delivered under METRONET will be planned to create connected community centres that are universally accessible and provide a range of housing, jobs and services for our growing population.

METRONET’s Access and Inclusion Reference Group will help achieve this by providing advice into universal design features and impacts during the construction of new infrastructure.

The group, which is made up of community members and organisations with an understanding of matters impacting people with disability or mobility issues, will draw on their expertise and experience to:

  • Provide input and suggestions on the design and useability of proposed stations and station precincts.
  • Assist promoting the METRONET projects, as well as both construction, road and passenger impacts, within personal and professional networks.
  • Assist in educating community members with a disability on how to access and navigate existing stations during construction, as well as the new stations and station precincts once complete.
  • Help identify possible opportunities for METRONET to use new technologies for the benefit of passengers and community members with a disability at METRONET stations and station precincts.

Access and Inclusion Reference Group members include:

  • Julie Waylen – State Manager, National Disability Services Western Australia
  • Samantha Jenkinson – Executive Director, People with Disabilities WA
  • Melissa Northcott - Disability Services Board
  • David Carrington - Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability
  • Imran – community member
  • Mark – community member
  • Jessica – community member
  • Jonathan – community member
  • Dylan – community member
  • Siyat – community member
  • Adam – community member
  • Elizabeth –community member

The group will meet as required, with minutes uploaded onto the METRONET website.

AIRG Terms of Reference

Meeting Minutes