Land Planning

METRONET will drive land use change in more than 5,000 hectares of land within walking distance of the new stations.

Following the intent of the draft Perth and Peel 3.5 million framework, METRONET station precincts will be planned to create connected community centres that are universally accessible and provide a range of housing, jobs and services to our growing population.

The Planning team brings together specialists from Government’s land-use planning, land development and housing delivery agencies to deliver the station precinct masterplans and a value capture mechanism.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) or Western Australian Planning Commission will be responsible for these masterplans’ statutory implementation.

Nominated agencies, such as LandCorp, Department of Communities or MRA, will prepare the relevant planning schemes and complete detailed structure planning and development where required.

For more information, download our Delivering Successful METRONET Station Precincts brochure or summary fact sheet.

Precinct planning intervention

There are a number of ways the State Government may become involved in the planning or approval of developments around new stations built as part of METRONET to ensure these precincts maximise the investment in transformative infrastructure,
Some of these currently being applied around stations delivered by METRONET are detailed below.

Planning Control Areas

Planning control areas (PCA) are declared by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) with the approval of the Minister for Planning over land that is needed for a specific reason, such as the METRONET transport infrastructure.

Declared early in an infrastructure project’s design and development phase, the PCA protects the project from incompatible development. This can include any building or structure that, if approved, might prevent or impede the project from being successfully delivered. As a result, the WAPC becomes the determining authority for all development applications.

METRONET’s transport projects are generally located within special purpose reserves so are already protected from incompatible development. However, the train stations, bus transfer stands and other associated facilities like car parks are either not, or not entirely, located within those reserves. PCAs are therefore intended for most METRONET station locations.

For more information about PCAs contact the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage or view our PCA Frequently Asked Questions

Redevelopment Areas

Redevelopment areas are the highest level of State planning intervention and provides for a broader range of planning, development and place making to plan and deliver place based outcomes.

Administered by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA), its legislation gives the MRA the powers to plan, deliver, coordinate and control the area’s redevelopment.

Redevelopment areas around stations delivered under METRONET are identified where there is significant opportunity for infill and the potential precinct activation is needed.

For more information contact the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority