Planning Control Areas

Planning control areas (PCA) can be declared by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) with the approval of the Minister for Planning over land that is required for strategic infrastructure projects, such as the METRONET transport infrastructure.

A PCA is declared during the early design and development phase of an infrastructure project to protect it from incompatible development.Incompatible development could include any building or structure that, if approved, might prevent or impede the infrastructure project from being successfully delivered.As a result, the WAPC becomes the determining authority for all development applications in a PCA.

METRONET’s transport projects are generally located within special purpose reserves so are already protected from incompatible development. However, the train stations, bus transfer stands and other associated facilities like car parks are either not, or not entirely, located within those reserves.PCA’s are therefore intended to be declared for all METRONET station locations.

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