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Construction Capability Register

Construction Industry Briefing

Construction and supply chain companies looking to be part of the METRONET Bayswater Station Upgrade and Denny Avenue Level Crossing removal projects are invited to attend an Industry Briefing presentation and networking opportunity.

Hosted by The Public Transport Authority, the session will include information on:

  • the general scope of both projects
  • environmental considerations
  • potential challenges
  • procurement and contracting information and timelines
  • and upcoming procurement for other METRONET projects. 

All attendees must register via Eventbrite and spots are  limited to three representatives per organisation.


Construction Capability Register

Construction and related companies are encouraged to register their services on the METRONET capability register.

This register will be provided to successful tenderers after contract award.

Please note, registering your services does not guarantee work or imply State Government endorsements. It is provided as an opportunity to connect major construction companies with local businesses.

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Page last updated: 07/02/2019