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METRONET New Midland Station set to revitalise Midland

  • 19 June 2023

Development Applications for the New Midland Station, bus interchange and multi-storey car park have been approved, formalising Midland’s growth as a vibrant mixed-use Transit Oriented Development Precinct. 

In addition to delivering quality new infrastructure for the community, the METRONET New Midland Station Project will improve connection to the existing retail areas.

The project will expand opportunities for investment and growth of local businesses and provide new cycle and pedestrian routes for commuters.

A new five-storey car park will include 800 parking bays, freeing up land for future residential and mixed-use development around the new bus interchange.

The project incorporates sustainable design principles and will reflect the local Aboriginal culture and heritage as well as its industrial character through materials, artwork and architecture.

Landscaping design includes a number of pocket parks with local native and waterwise plant species, and a substantial number of new tree plantings.

The new station is an integral part of an exciting urban renewal program in Midland, which is transforming the city to include a new revitalised urban village, a world-class health and education hub, new shopping options, and high-quality transit links. 

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