Works Victoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal


Standard work hours are Monday to Saturday, 7am-7pm, and any out-of-hours works are indicated below. All works will follow approved noise and traffic management plans, and every effort will be made to minimise impacts. For questions about project works, please email or call 9326 3666.

Preparing for site works (until October)

Works at station platforms, carparks, and bus interchanges from Carlisle to Beckenham, as well as level crossings and side streets. 

Works include:

•    installing temporary fencing 
•    locating existing services (water, gas, electricity, and telecommunications)
•    collecting soil and pavement samples 
•    temporary lane closures.

Night works will occur between 7pm and 7am from: 

•    16 to 21 October

Transmission Lines

As part of removing the level crossings, Western Power’s overhead transmission lines will be moved out of the rail corridor to make room for future works and the elevated rail infrastructure. 

This will be delivered in two stages: 

Stage One - underground transmission power and remove 10 large lattice towers north of Oats Street. These are the high voltage power lines on steel towers and steel poles. 

Stage Two - options are being considered to consolidate transmission lines south of Oats Street Station, which may impact some distribution assets. Design work is currently underway.

Read more on the Western Power Fact Sheet.

Power line relocation (until early-2023)

Underground cabling will be installed along Beatty Avenue, Swansea, Withnell and Somerset streets in East Victoria Park.

Works include:

  • fencing off a section of John Bissett Park for use as a laydown area
  • removing the road surface
  • digging trenches
  • installing cabling
  • resurfacing the road.

Works will occur in 100m sections to minimise disruption to residents and traffic management will be in place as traffic will be reduced to single lane in work areas.

Armadale Line Shutdown

The 129-year-old Armadale Line is set to be transformed through major METRONET projects – the Byford Rail ExtensionVictoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal, and Thornlie-Cockburn Link

With the expanded project scope to include William Street level crossing, the planned 18-month Armadale Line Shutdown will now start in late-2023.

An extended shutdown means these METRONET projects can be built over a shorter timeframe and provide certainty for train replacement services.

Planning to reduce the impact of this disruption is already underway and the exact timing of the shutdown will be confirmed later this year along with further information on train replacement services.

For more information on the shutdown and to provide feedback, please visit Building For Tomorrow.

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