Canning Bridge Bus Interchange


The Canning Bus Bridge Interchange requires an upgrade and expansion to adequately meet requirements for both existing and future passenger demand.

Key features of the upgrade project are:

  • Larger bus interchange facility (12 active stands, 8 layover stands) and new entries to Canning Bridge Station.
  • Grade-separated pedestrian access.
  • Provision of station facilities (toilets, customer assistance, etc.).
  • Direct connections for bus/train transferring passengers.
  • New southern Principal Shared Path (PSP) connection between Davilak Street, Canning Bridge Station and eastern PSP.
  • Smart Freeways ramp metering to Canning Highway and Manning Road northbound on-ramps.

Additional Design work for Canning Highway north bound on-ramp.

Project development

A contract has been awarded to GHD Pty Ltd to develop a reference design for the project. It will combine and update the existing concept designs, with an aim to minimise the impact to the environmentally sensitive areas within the project area. Traditional owners and environment groups will be integral in informing the reference design. 

Project development

The project has received $200 million in funding from the Commonwealth and State Governments.

  • $150 million for new bus interchange
  • $30 million for southern PSP bridge
  • $20 million for northbound onramp ramp metering


  • Maximise operational efficiency of the bus interchange by reducing delays for passengers, reducing traffic congestion at Canning Bridge and improving the reliability of public transport.
  • Increase the capacity of the interchange to cater for future growth.
  • Optimise pedestrian and vehicle safety by improving quality of access between transport facilities as well as general active modes access from surrounding areas.


2022/23 – Planning

2024/25 – Development

2025/26 – Procurement for a contractor to design and construct

Late 2026 – Construction commencement

Community and stakeholder input

Direct engagement has been undertaken with stakeholders throughout the project’s planning including City of Melville, City of South Perth, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, Public Transport Authority, TransPerth, Department of Transport, Main Roads, and Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (Swan River Trust).

Now that the project has received construction funding, broader community and stakeholder engagement is planned. Input will be gathered on the concept design to understand potential impacts, constraints and improvements.


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