Morley-Ellenbrook Line

Morley-Ellenbrook Line

The Morley-Ellenbrook Line is a new 21km rail line that will travel from Ellenbrook’s growing town centre, down the western side of New Lord Street, through land north of Marshall Road and down the middle of Tonkin Highway, connecting at Bayswater Station on the Midland Line. 

Stations will be built in Ellenbrook, Whiteman Park, Malaga, Noranda and Morley with a station planned at Bennett Springs East, as population levels increase and development progresses in the area.

Confirming the route and station locations for this line is a result of analysing more than 100 potential options to improve transport outcomes for Perth’s north-eastern corridor.  

While the route will now be refined during the project definition phase to finalise the exact alignment, design, timing and cost, the confirmation of the line and station locations allows for the environmental approvals process and early market engagement to begin.  




Project Features

New railway – 21km rail line from Ellenbrook to Bayswater Station.

Ellenbrook Station – will be in the town centre, south of The Parkway and west of Civic Terrace.  It will support the area’s growth as a major activity centre, while making the most of the development opportunities nearby.

Whiteman Park Station – will be near the entry to Whiteman Park and will serve the growing communities of Henley Brook, Dayton, West Swan and Brabham. 

Bennett Springs East Station – future proofing of the line will allow for a station to be built in this area as population levels increase and planning progresses in the area.

Malaga Station – will provide efficient transport links to Landsdale, Alexander Heights, Ballajura, Malaga and Bennett Springs, connecting thousands of people to the Malaga employment hub.  

Noranda Station – will be built in the middle of Tonkin Highway at Benara Road.  It will serve the communities of Noranda and Morley, as well as Beechboro, Kiara and Lockridge.

Morley Station – will also be built within Tonkin Highway, two kilometres south of Noranda Station.  Connections to the Morley Galleria, surrounding businesses and community will be provided through high-frequency bus services.

Bayswater Station – the upgrade of Bayswater Station marks the start of the Morley-Ellenbrook Line with work starting in 2019.  Two platforms (four platform faces) at this station will accommodate the Midland Line, Forrestfield-Airport Link and Morley- Ellenbrook Line services.

Estimated journey times
For passengers travelling from Ellenbrook to the CBD, the trip on the Morley-Ellenbrook Line will take about 30 minutes, almost half the current travel time for local residents using public transport.  And connecting at Bayswater Station gives passengers from Perth’s north-eastern suburbs the choice of travelling to the Perth CBD, the Airport, Optus Stadium, Fremantle, Mandurah and more.  The following is an estimate of the journey times to each station from the Perth CBD: 

journey times


Hertiage and Environment

The METRONET Office acknowledges the People of the Noongar Nation as  the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters on which the METRONET Program of Projects, including the Morley-Ellenbrook Line, is located. As such, as part of this project,  we are undertaking ongoing consultation with the Whadjuk Group, through engagement with the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (SWALSC).

METRONET is committed to minimising and offsetting the impacts of the project on environmentally sensitive areas, including Whiteman Park. Flora and fauna assessments will take place to identify any endangered or vulnerable species. Any project areas marked for clearing will be inspected, both before and during construction.

Noise and Vibration

Independent noise and vibration modelling is a key part of the planning process for the Morley-Ellenbrook Line. This modelling identifies the location and types of mitigation options that may be required to minimise impacts on nearby residents and other noise-sensitive receptors. Over the coming months, as the scope and technical detail is finalised, these measures will be investigated further.


The Morley-Ellenbrook Line will serve Perth’s growing north-eastern suburbs and by linking to rail network at Bayswater Station, Morley-Ellenbrook Line passenger will have the choice of travelling to the Airport, Midland, the Perth CBD and beyond.

Thank you to everyone who has visited our information sessions last year or completed the survey. Your feedback helps us gain community insights into your local area and understand what you’d like to see in and around your stations. This helps us with both station concept design and place plans for the areas around the stations, both of which will be completed by mid-2020. See the full survey summary here. We’ll then have more information to share with you and new opportunities for you to provide feedback. 

Noranda Station Car Park

Preferred Parking Location 

In November 2019, we asked you to help us decide the parking location for Noranda Station from three options above drainage basins built as part of NorthLink WA.Thank you to everyone who provided valuable feedback on the parking options through our community survey, resident meetings and workshops, and a community drop-in information session.

Based on our assessment, which included community feedback, design work will focus on a car park to the north-east of the Benara Road bridge.


Early thinking for this option included car park access via Acacia Court and a ‘left-in, left-out’ from Benara Road.It also proposed a change to the road layout next to John Septimus Roe Primary School.

You told us access via Benara Road is essential to reduce traffic on local roads and the design should aim to maintain free flowing traffic on Benara Road with no traffic signals.

As part of the design process, which includes site surveys, traffic modelling, road design, assessment of constraints and a review of local resident and future passenger amenity, we are working towards the following improvements for this option:

  • Entry into the car park from Benara Road for both west-bound (right-hand turn) and east-bound (left-hand turn) traffic.
  • Left turn only exit from the car park onto Benara Road.Motorists heading west would need to take the u-turn that already exists west of Beechboro Road North.
  • Pedestrian, cyclist and service vehicle access via Acacia Court.No public vehicle access.

A car park to the north-east of the Benara Road bridge, with the improvements listed above:

  • minimises the need for land acquisition;
  • minimises traffic impacts on local roads;
  • removes the need to change the road layout next to John Septimus Roe Primary School; and
  • allows us to design a station and car park that will enhance local connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists using the station.

Next steps

The above suggestions are now being investigated as part of the design process for Noranda Station.We will share more information on the final design in mid-2020, when the project definition phase for the Morley-Ellenbrook Line is complete.

Thank you for your feedback

Throughout our conversations with you, the main issues you wanted considered were:

  • Reducing traffic impacts – including traffic on local roads and avoiding traffic signals on Benara Road.
  • Minimising residential impacts – minimising land acquisition as well as street parking, noise and visual impacts.
  • Ensuring sufficient number of parking bays.
  • Ensuring easy and universal access for passengers.
  • Ensuring good lighting and security.

Noranda survey pie charts



Update December 2019


Thanks to everyone who took part in our consultation process to help us choose the location for parking at Noranda Station.

More than 270 of you completed the survey, with 60 local residents taking part in facilitated workshops and another 60 community members speaking to our project team at an informal drop-in session last month.

The consultation period is now closed and our project team is assessing all the feedback.  Once complete, we will get back to you in the new year with a preferred option that will be progressed to the detailed design stage.


How can I have my say?

This consultation is now closed. You can email us at or call us on 9326 3666 to discuss the options and ask any questions. 


November 2019 - Help us decide the parking location for Noranda Station

Noranda Station will be built within the Tonkin Highway median, immediately north of Benara Road, to serve those living in Noranda, Morley, Beechboro, Kiara and Lockridge, and provide convenient access to Lightning Park.

Station access including parking, feeder bus services, cycling and walking are all key considerations in planning a train line and for Noranda Station, three possible locations for parking have been identified above drainage basins built as part of NorthLink.  

These locations are:

  • Option One - south-west corner of Tonkin Highway and Benara Road crossing
  • Option Two - north-west corner of Tonkin Highway and Benara Road crossing
  • Option Three - north-east corner of Tonkin Highway and Benara Road crossing

More detail on each option is outlined in the Noranda parking options fact sheet.

As a future passenger of Noranda Station, we would like your input as part of the assessment process for the final car park location.  Your feedback will be combined with local community input as well as our ongoing technical studies to ensure we have identified key considerations for the final location.  The selection of a location will also allow the design process to begin.


The construction of the Morley-Ellenbrook Line will create thousands of local jobs.

The New Bayswater Station project marks the start of the Morley-Ellenbrook Line with early work on this project already underway. The Main Roads’ Tonkin Gap Project, starts construction later this year and includes significant civil and structural works between Bayswater and Malaga to allow rail access in and out of the Tonkin Highway.

The main construction works will be delivered through a competitive alliance contract.  This contract will include designing, building and commissioning 21 kilometres of rail track and five stations, as well as delivering rail systems that support the network, bulk earthworks and retaining, structure, grade separations, roads and drainage.

The Request for Proposal for the main works was released to market via Tenders WA last month and will close in mid-March. A contract is expected to be awarded later this year, with main construction work to start in 2021. More information on the tender is available at TendersWA.

Local businesses are encouraged to complete the Construction Business Register which will be provided to shortlisted bidders during the competitive tender phase and again after contract award.

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Local feedback drives location for Noranda Station car park

Local feedback drives location for Noranda Station car park

In November 2019, the Morley-Ellenbrook Line team worked with Noranda locals  to help us decide the car park location for Noranda Station .

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