Yanchep Rail Extension

Yanchep Rail Extension

The Yanchep Rail Extension will deliver the last proposed section of the Joondalup Line from Butler, 14.5 kilometres north to Yanchep to help support ongoing growth in the area and reduce congestion, while supporting about 1,370 jobs.


The project will help develop activity centres by stimulating new employment opportunities in the Alkimos Secondary Centre, Eglinton District Centre and Yanchep Strategic Metropolitan Centre and supporting higher density land use for residential and commercial purposes.

The extension will give more than 150,000 future Yanchep–Two Rocks residents another transport option to travel around Perth.





Public Art

Eight local artists with varying backgrounds (including a Noongar artist), experiences and styles have been commissioned to create public art for Alkimos, Eglinton and Yanchep stations as part of the METRONET Yanchep Rail Extension Project. These art pieces will celebrate the unique cultural, historical and environmental aspects of each station and its surrounding area.

Alkimos Station

Moon Over Ocean, Land Under Sun

By Caroline Christie-Coxon

Two glazed spheres will provide a bold and modern statement at the station entry and represent the threshold where bushland meets Perth’s urban fringe. The designs relate to the natural flora, land, sea and skyscapes of Alkimos – a place linked to tidal flows, surf and shifting sands where coastal breezes and native wilderness interact.

Ceiling installation

By Jarni McGuire

Inspired by the Melaleuca Paperbark tree found throughout Alkimos, the artwork will tell a story of the rainbow serpent who created the fresh waterways and connects all lakes and water systems.

Platform wall mural

By Chris Nixon

The mural-based artwork will use lines from the Melaleuca Paperbark tree found throughout Alkimos to build swell lines to reflect the coast and waves washing up onto the shore. These lines will be abstracted to form the word ‘Alkimos’.

Eglinton Station

Ceiling installation and entry screens

By Ian Mutch

The layered ceiling and entry screen artworks will portray local species Grevillea Preissii and Western Xenica butterflies. The work celebrates the world around us and highlights the beauty of rhythms and tiny details found in nature.


Platform wall artwork

By Concreto

The tile-based artwork will reflect Eglinton’s landscape through rhythmic colour sequences expressing the area’s natural environment - the ocean’s bleached sandy colours, spikey flora and craggy, weather-beaten limestone outcrops; the greener colours of the Tuart forest with spring flowers of pink and red; and the subdued colours and murkier tones of the lakes, swamps and caves.

Yanchep Station

Shade canopies

By Buffie Corunna

Featured on the underside of the station entry shade canopies, the artwork will showcase Yanchep’s native fauna and flora with designs representing various meeting places, the Yanchep lagoon and beaches, and the reef and marine life.

Ceiling installation

By Penelope Forlano

The artwork will feature a central undulating ‘spine’ with hanging elements representing the stalactites and natural forces that shape Yanchep’s wetlands, lagoons and caves. These elements will take commuters on pathways of sailing through ocean waves, the reef separating the ocean from lagoon, or a snake winding through the Yandjip bullrush reeds at the lake.

Platform wall mural

By Jack Bromell

The mural will feature background colours from Yanchep’s reefs, lagoons, limestone cliffs, Banksia forests, wetlands and Tuart trees, and foreground images of Banksia leaves, Tuart Eucalyptus leaves, Carnaby black cockatoos and kangaroos. Words provided by the local community about their connection to Yanchep will weave in between these images.


Project Documents

Latest News

Next stop... YANCHEP!

Next stop... YANCHEP!

The METRONET Yanchep Rail Extension Project is almost complete! Join our Community Fair on Sunday, 14 July 2024 to celebrate the new Yanchep Line.

Stations come alive with public art

Stations come alive with public art

Over the past few months, eye-catching pieces of public art have been popping up at stations along the Yanchep Rail Extension.

Finishing touches for all stations

Finishing touches for all stations

All three stations on the Yanchep Rail Extension Project are receiving the finishing touches as the project moves into completion phase.

Preparing the Yanchep Line for passengers

Preparing the Yanchep Line for passengers

The METRONET Yanchep Rail Extension Project reached a huge milestone at the end of 2023, running the first test train from Eglinton Station to Yanchep Station.

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