Byford Rail Extension

Byford Rail Extension

Those living and working in Byford will soon have a new transport choice with the future station location, around 8kms south of Armadale Station, now confirmed.

The new ground-level Byford Station will be built within the existing rail corridor, south of Evans Way and 400m north of Abernethy Road.

This location was selected after considerable planning and working with the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale to make the most of development opportunities in the growing town centre, future connections, constructability and community impact, to seamlessly connect Byford residents to the Perth CBD.

In addition to taking cars off the road, the project will further help improve traffic flow by reconfiguring Thomas Road into a road-over-rail bridge.

The State Government is also investigating expanding the Byford Rail Extension project scope to potentially include elevated rail in the Armadale and/or Byford town centres.

The potential elevated rail would remove additional level crossings at Armadale Road and Abernethy Road, improving connectivity and opening up new town centre activation opportunities.

The final shape of the Byford Rail Extension project, including whether these additional level crossings are removed, will depend on final consultation, cost and funding available.



Thomas Road over Rail

The existing level crossing at Thomas Road in Byford will be reconfigured to a road-over-rail bridge.

Early work on removing the level crossing is underway, marking the start on the Byford Rail Extension.

The new road bridge over Thomas Road, delivered by Main Roads WA, is one of several projects fast tracked by the McGowan Government to boost local jobs and the economy through COVID-19.

The Thomas Road over rail bridge will help reduce congestion at the eastern end of Thomas Road and improve safety in the area.

The Byford Rail Extension - Thomas Road over Rail project includes:

  • a new bridge with Thomas Road elevated to pass over the rail corridor with two lanes in each direction, with the bridge to be constructed slightly to the north of the existing Thomas Road alignment, between South Western Highway and Wungong South Road;
  • modifications to local roads, with Butcher Road connected to Vlasich Road via a new underpass;
  • a shared path on the bridge for cyclists and walkers;
  • noise walls; and
  • landscaping and revegetation.

Construction onsite commenced in mid-2021:

  • recent activity has included extensive services relocations, clearing, construction of a temporary alignment on Thomas Road and the relocation of the level crossing boom gates;
  • works are underway to construct footings for the new bridge over the rail line;
  • the bridge will start to take shape over summer, with the installation of Mechanically Stabilised Earth walls on either side; and
  • this will be followed by backfill and placement of bridge beams in early-2022 with project completion scheduled for early-2023.

This work is being led by Main Roads Western Australia. You can find out more via their project page. You can also learn more in the fact sheet.

Project Features




Since the 1890’s, Byford has been a farming community at the south-eastern edge of Perth. Byford was originally named Beenyup and was changed in 1920. Byford’s Beenyup Brook remains of historical and cultural significance to the area and its influence will be a consideration in the overall project design.

Scoping and concept design is underway for the Byford Rail Extension, which will look at:

  • a new ground level Byford Station within the future Town Centre, approximately 400 metres north of Abernethy Road;
  • investigations underway for the existing level crossings between Armadale and Byford;
  • up to 600 passenger parking bays, new bus interchange and a new pedestrian connection across the rail line accessible from the station;
  • reconfigured track alignment within the existing Armadale Station including an upgraded pedestrian overpass;
  • a new platform for the Australind regional rail service at Armadale Station; and
  • Thomas Road level crossing will be reconfigured to a road-over-rail bridge


Once the Byford Rail Extension alignment and station location was confirmed, which involved key stakeholders such as local governments, the team could start engaging with the local community.

As well as various stakeholder meetings in the community, engagement and activities have included:

  • 3 September 2020 - Online information session. Read the Q&A summary.
  • 12 September 2020 – Community drop-in session at Byford Town Hall
  • September 2020 -  Nearly 100 people completed our survey on what design elements they would like to see at a new Byford Station. View a summary of the results.
  • September 2020 - Door knocking and meetings with more than 80 properties in direct proximity to the Thomas Road Over Rail Project
  • 29 October 2020 – Coffee pop-up at Dome Café, Byford

These activities all help shape the scope of works and technical requirements, before the main construction contract is awarded.

Project Documents


Early works at Thomas Road (from November 2020)

Early construction works have started at Thomas Road as part of the Byford Rail Extension project.

The Armadale Access Alliance has been contracted by Main Roads WA to deliver the package of works and have set up a site office near Plaistowe Boulevard in Byford, where the project team is based.

The main construction works include the elevation of Thomas Road to pass over the rail corridor with two lanes in each direction.

Traffic management is in place. You can subscribe to Main Roads WA project updates to learn more about traffic changes in the area.

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Works start on Byford Rail Extension

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