Works Yanchep Rail Extension


Standard work hours are Monday to Saturday, 7am-7pm, and any out of hours works are indicated below. All works will follow approved noise and traffic management plans, and every effort will be made to minimise impacts. For questions about project works, please email or call 9326 3666. For all out of hours works, please contact the site supervisor directly on 0437 845 471.

Alkimos Drive Bridge (until late-February)

Works will involve drilling ground, installing underground piles and concreting works.

Works will be conducted in the area south of Bowline Avenue, Alkimos and noise and vibration may be experienced. Heavy vehicles will also be nearby.

Yanchep Beach Road Bridge (24 January – late-April)

Excavation, pouring concrete to construct bridge beams and installing formwork to build the bridge deck structure.

Works will be conducted within the rail corridor north of Yanchep Beach Road, Yanchep, with possible increased noise and vibration.

Out of hours retaining wall works (until late­­-February)

Building retaining walls by placing limestone blocks within the rail corridor using a mini-excavator and bobcat. Works will begin from 6am, Monday to Saturday, within the rail corridor north of Bluewater Drive, Alkimos.

Road closure: Pipidinny Road, Eglinton (until mid-2022)

The long-term temporary closure of Pipidinny Road between Marmion Avenue and Beonaddy Road, Eglinton will be in effect from 9am, Monday 2 August 2021.

The closure is required to ensure the safety of workers and road users during the construction of the road-over-rail bridge at Pipidinny Road, the widening of Pipidinny Road, and the installation of a new sewer line under Pipidinny Road to service Eglinton Station.

Road users will need to use Hester Avenue, Clarkson or Yanchep Beach Road, Yanchep to access Wanneroo Road and signage will be in place advising detours.

Emergency vehicles will be able to use Pipidinny Road. Residents and other vehicles will have access if there is a need for bushfire evacuation. In this case, Pipidinny Road would be re-opened by fire services and they would lead the emergency management.

The closure will reduce the works period by 11 months and be safer for road users, residents and workers.

Santorini Promenade Bridge Works (until late-January)

Concrete and earth works for the future Santorini Promenade Bridge. Works will involve installing temporary moulds, a steel reinforcement within the formwork, pouring concrete, back filling material, and removing excess concrete with a rock breaker and jack hammer.

Works will be conducted 7am-7pm, Monday to Saturday within the rail corridor between Santorini Promenade and Howden Parade, Alkimos.

Yanchep Beach Road Bridge Works (until late-January)

Works will involve drilling ground and installing underground piles using a piling rig. Concreting works will also fill the piles, with excess concrete to be removed by using a rock breaker and jack hammer.

Works will be conducted within the rail corridor north of Yanchep Beach Road, Yanchep.

Out of hours earth works at Eglinton Station (until late-February)

Earth works, including the ripping ground with a dozer, material carting, and earth compacting works will be conducted out of hours from 6am, Monday to Saturday.

Works will occur within the rail corridor between Bluewater Drive and Pipidinny Road, Eglinton.

Out of hours earth works at Yanchep Station (until late-February)

Earth works, including the ripping ground with a dozer, earth excevation and compacting works will be conducted out of hours from 6am-7am, Monday to Saturday.

From 7am to 4pm on 3 and 10 October, there will be earth works and limestone crushing at Yanchep Station and car park.

Out of hours trucks (until February)

Concrete trucks will be intermittently operating from 4.30am through the Yanchep compound and down the rail corridor.

The trucks will be operating out of hours up to three times a week to support 10-hour concrete pours of the three green bridge structures at Ningana Bushland.

The trucks will access the Yanchep compound off Kakadu Road, Yanchep, and there may be intermittent noise.

Heavy Vehicle Crossing (until mid-2023)

Traffic controls will be in place intermittently from 9am to 2.30pm, Monday to Friday, to enable the safe entry and exit of heavy vehicles from the rail access gates across Bainbridge Avenue between Maroon Avenue and Buchannan Avenue, Alkimos.

Proposed mobilisation of screening machinery (until April 2022)

Applying to Department of Water and Environment Regulation to operate a screening plan. If approved, the project team will establish a mobile screening plant adjacent to the Alkimos Station site, approximately 550m east of Marmion Avenue. 

Residents in the area may notice an increase in noise and dust.

Bridge team mobilising (until late-2022)

The bridge construction team will be mobilising to the new site compound established on the western side of the rail corridor north of Darbyshire Parade.

The compound will be used by the team while building the Santorini Promenade and Howden Parade bridges.

Residents close to the area will notice personal vehicles arriving to site from 6am and there will be an increase in traffic on Darbyshire Parade during work hours.

Heavy vehicle movements will increase as works progress. 

Increase in traffic on local roads (ongoing)

Two new access gates and a new site compound will be operational in Alkimos to enable construction vehicles to access the rail corridor between Butler Station and Santorini Promenade, Alkimos and build the Santorini bridge.

Residents may notice more vehicles and intermittent traffic management on Darbyshire Parade, Missingham Avenue and Werner Street, Alkimos and Doncaster Grange, Wallasey Bend and Charlbury Drive, Butler.

Trucks on Local Roads (ongoing)

There will be an increase in trucks on local roads to move material from Alkimos to Butler. 

Large trucks will turn off Santorini Promenade, travel down Kells Road, turn right onto Broadford Avenue and then left into the Charlbury Drive access gate.

There will be intermittent stop and slow truck movements through the route. Water carts and street sweepers will be used daily to minimise any impacts from increased dust.

Temporary road closure Booderee Road, Yanchep (until mid-2023)

Booderee Road will be closed at the intersection of Yanchep Beach Road to enable the construction of the temporary Yanchep Beach Road diversion as part of the building the new bridge over the future Yanchep rail line. 

Works include construction of the road-over-rail bridge, tying the bridge into Yanchep Beach Road, removing the diversion, rebuilding the traffic island and footpath, and revegetating sections along the road. There will be no access to Booderee Road from Yanchep Beach Road. Access will be maintained to properties on Avon Road, via Kakadu Road.

Nearby residents may notice increased noise and dust in the area and water carts will assist in reducing dust.

Noise walls

Noise wall construction is underway with earth works from Butler Station to Howden Parade, Alkimos. The project team is speaking with residents in the area, and engagement will continue in other areas as design details are finalised.

Most noise walls will be built on the rail corridor boundary from durable concrete panels and steel posts. Noise wall locations and heights will vary, depending on the distance between residential properties and the rail corridor, topography, and predicted noise levels.

Noise modelling is being undertaken by acoustic experts, and rail noise will comply with State Planning Policy 5.4.

Retaining walls (until late-January)

Retaining walls will be built within the rail corridor along Santorini Promenade, Kells Road, Broadford Avenue and Charlbury Drive, Butler.

There will be increased machinery and activity within the rail corridor. Water carts and street sweepers will be operational to minimise dust and there may be an increase in noise and vibration.

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