Armadale Station

Armadale Station is being rebuilt as a new elevated station passing through the town centre while level crossings at Armadale Road, Forrest Road and Church Avenue are being removed.

The elevated rail will start from approximately 450m north of Armadale Road and continue along a viaduct structure to Church Avenue before returning to grade approximately 420m south of Church Avenue.

Read more about the station on the Armadale Station fact sheet.

Byford Station

The new Byford Station is being built within the existing rail corridor, 400m north of Abernethy Road, to make the most of development opportunities in the growing town centre with new roads and connections.

The station will link the old and new town centre with spacious pedestrian-friendly east-west connections and will support a vibrant civic presence with integrated community uses.

The Noongar place name for Byford is Beenyup and the narrative is ‘Place for digging for the warrain (native potatoes)'.

Read more about the station on the Byford Station fact sheet.

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