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Commitment to reuse and recycling

  • 23 May 2024

The Victoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal project is dedicated to meeting sustainability targets set by the METRONET Sustainability Strategy and its own sustainability charter. This commitment extends beyond design and transport efficiency to economic and environmental outcomes. One key objective is to minimise the amount of construction, demolition, office and contaminated waste being sent to landfill.

In 2023, the project generated 173,649t of surplus material, which is initially assessed for reuse on site. If it’s not suitable for reuse, all possible recycling options are explored. Only material unable to be reused or recycled is sent to landfill.

Last year, 40 per cent of surplus waste was reused on site including soil, dirt and rubble from excavation, and sleepers salvaged from station demolitions that will be reused in the final design.

Additionally, 57 per cent was sent to licensed recycling facilities for processing, with nine per cent diverted to ‘Roads to Reuse’ suppliers who turn concrete, soil, dirt, rubble and asphalt into products for civil construction. This left only 3 per cent of non-recyclable construction and office waste being sent to landfill.


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