Gobble, gobbling up water saving ideas - METRONET


Gobble, gobbling up water saving ideas

  • 24 July 2022

An innovative and sophisticated modular version of a pool blanket installed over turkey’s nests (also known as construction dams) is being used to reduce water use on the METRONET Morley-Ellenbrook Line Project.

Turkey’s nests are used on large building sites to provide water for dust suppression and the covers are reducing water use during construction by up to 15 per cent.

Trialling the modular floating covers is expected to save around 4 million litres (or 82 standard swimming pools) of water during the life of the project, based on projections using evaporation data from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Other benefits of the water-saving initiative include a reduction in algal growth on the dam’s surface, which can clog up pumping equipment leading to damage.

The covers are also expected to reduce wear and tear on equipment and result in less maintenance and downtime.

Project Sustainability Manager Leigh Penney developed the sustainable solution with local business Daisy Pool Covers. She is hopeful the innovative approach will be adopted across other construction and mine sites.

“There’s an increasing need to conserve water and reduce demand on resources. Dust suppression during construction is very water intensive so it’s great we can trial this innovative idea,” she said.

METRONET projects are underpinned by a Sustainability Strategy – with a reduction in water use key to construction methodology.

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