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Grass trees in expert hands

  • 23 April 2024

Bruce Abbott has been dedicated to preserving Balgas (also known as grass trees) for around 24 years, so when it came to looking after this treasured native flora on the METRONET Victoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal Project,  Bruce was the perfect person for the job.

Working with the project team, Bruce has relocated as many Balgas as possible while construction is underway. The conservation process is a sensitive one and Bruce has developed a successful transplant formula as part of his mission to ensure the survival of Balgas across the Perth metropolitan area.

One of the Balga that is being preserved as part of the project.


Bruce Abbott with one of the largest Balgas that has been preserved near Carlisle Station.

“I started my business, Replants, as a bit of a rescue mission to save native plants and animals from large-scale bush clearing on development sites. While this is still our core business, we have grown to use our expertise to promote greater connection and understanding of culture and environment within the community,” Bruce explains.

Bruce also has a personal connection to the project area, growing up in Lathlain. “I have fond memories of growing up in the area and pretty good knowledge of the history of the site and the grass trees within it, which has been very helpful,” he said. The preserved Balgas will be returned along the rail corridor in key locations to ensure they can settle and thrive within the project’s landscaping program.

The overall project landscaping strategy is designed to unite the rail corridor, connect areas around Carlisle Station and celebrate the uniqueness of local communities with a selection of Australian native and endemic trees, shrubs and wildflowers.

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