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Marri Grove Primary School student art brightens Butcher Road Underpass

  • 27 September 2023

The new Thomas Road Over Rail Bridge at Byford has embraced the local character of the Serpentine-Jarrahdale community in its urban landscape and design with local school children leaving a built-in legacy along the bridge.

35 concrete cylindrical cores were drilled out of the new Butcher Road footpath during works and handed over to Marri Grove Primary School along with paint supplied by the Project’s subcontractor Nanokote.

With support from a Noongar artist, the students painted colourful images on the cores representing the local flora and fauna of Serpentine Jarrahdale. The painted cores have been embedded back into the footpath and sealed early this month.

This public art initiative was a collaborative effort by the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, the Marri Grove Primary School and the Thomas Road Over Rail project team, in alignment with the Shire’s Public Art Strategy and Public Art Masterplan 2019-2023. 

The Byford Rail Extension, extending the Armadale Line approximately 8 kilometers south to the new Byford Station, promises to offer improved access to jobs, services, and amenities for the Serpentine-Jarrahdale area residents. 

As the community continues to grow, the artistic contributions of local school children and the commitment to inclusivity in the project's workforce will stand as enduring symbols of unity and progress.

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