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Sustainable accolades awarded to the Morley-Ellenbrook Line team!

  • 22 September 2023

The METRONET Morley-Ellenbrook Line Project has been certified by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council in Infrastructure Sustainability Design.

The award recognises excellence in sustainability across environmental, social and governance outcomes.  

A number of initiatives pushed the team to this achievement including their innovative solution of implementing modular floating covers over construction dams to reduce water during project works. Now implemented on four of the Project’s construction dams, this solution has saved over 6 million litres of water in 2022.

In addition to this the Whiteman Park Station site is now home to Western Australia’s first solar farm used in the industry, powering an off-grid construction site. Partnering with a local supplier the project team implemented a 45kW solar farm with battery, to mitigate the need to use a standard diesel generator. 

The project is the first rail infrastructure project in Australia and New Zealand to achieve an IS version 2.0/2.1 rating, which recognises the commitment to the economic, social and environmental performance of infrastructure across the planning, design, construction and operational phases of infrastructure assets. 

The initiatives undertaken by the project support the METRONET Sustainability Strategy, to maximise the program’s positive environmental, social and economic outcomes. 

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