Midland Station

Midland Station Project

Better public transport integration with DevelopmentWA's Midland Project and connections to a potential Bellevue rail depot are the benefits of relocating Midland Station to Cale Street.

The Midland Station Project is also assessing options to extend the line to Bellevue to create a new station and surrounding community precinct.

From investment decision, it is estimated the full project will take up to three years to complete.


Project Features

New Midland Station (Cale Street)

Planning is underway to relocate Midland Station, including its bus interchange and parking facilities, to Cale Street, about 500 metres east of its current location. The proposed new station will include three platform faces long enough for six railcar trains, a bus interchange with 12 stands and room for bus layover, station parking (vehicles and bikes) and a shared path to improve community access to the rapidly developing Midland town centre, hospital precinct and Curtin University Medical School.

Bellevue Station

Planning work is underway to identify the potential location, alignment and extent of a Midland Line Extension to a future new station at Bellevue, approximately two kilometres from the relocated Midland Station.


The METRONET team is working with relevant agencies, key stakeholders and the City of Swan and DevelopmentWA to ensure the Midland Station Project integrates with the community and to provide well-designed places that support walking, cycling and public transit.

Government will receive a Project Definition Plan for Midland in 2020 with the project’s proposed details to enable an investment decision.


Latest News

What a Show!

What a Show!

METRONET made its debut at the 2019 Perth Royal Show giving show goers a glimpse inside the Forrestfield-Airport Link tunnels and information on all other projects.

METRONET East to maximise development opportunities

METRONET East to maximise development opportunities

DevelopmentWA (formerly Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority) will begin the process to extend the Midland Redevelopment Area to include the immediate areas around the Bayswater and Forrestfield train stations. 

Midland Station planning tenders released

Midland Station planning tenders released

METRONET continues to forge ahead with the release of a key tender for concept planning work on the Midland Station Project.

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