Caledonian Avenue Level Crossing Removal



Caledonian Avenue level crossing in Maylands was recognised as one of four crossings to remove as part of METRONET.

When the Forrestfield-Airport Link is operational, the increased train frequency on the Midland Line will see longer times for the boom gates to be down.

This will increase the potential for risk taking behaving at the crossing, as well as impact the local road network.

The Caledonian Avenue Level Crossing Removal project is currently in the early stages of planning and reviewing options. This includes working closely with the City of Bayswater and key stakeholders to ensure the removal meets the community’s needs as much as possible.

The preferred solution will be identified before the Forrestfield-Airport Link services become operational.


Initial assessments have ruled out elevating or lowering the railway as it would require a rebuild of Maylands Station and other key infrastructure, which would not represent value for money for this project.

Elevated or lowered road solutions are being investigated with City of Bayswater and Main Roads WA, but are challenging due to constrained space and lack of State owned land along the railway reserve in this area.

Closing the level crossing is also being investigated but may require adjustments and improvements to the nearby road network.

The preferred removal solution will be identified in consultation with key stakeholders and will consider community and road impacts, as well as urban development opportunities.

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