Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal

Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal

The Denny Avenue Level Crossing in Kelmscott will be the first crossing to be removed under the METRONET Level Crossing Removal program.

With the boom gates down an average of one minute and 44 seconds per session and a total average closure of three hours and seven minutes per day, removing this crossing will increase the safety of walking, cycling and driving in the area, as well as reduce road congestion and revitalise the local area. If the crossing remains open, the total down time is expected to increase to three hours and 34 mins per day by 2031.

Ahead of permanently closing the level crossing, an alternative east/west connection will be built at Davis Road, 170m south of the existing location. Building a new underpass at Davis Road will involve gradually raising the rail and associated infrastructure, and lowering the surrounding road network. Extending and widening Davis Road to accommodate up to four lanes of traffic will maintain the important east/west connection for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in Kelmscott and the surrounding area. 

Early works have commenced, and major construction works are due to start mid 2020. 

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Project Features

The Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal project includes:

  • Permanently closing the level crossing at Denny Avenue
  • Constructing a rail-over-road underpass by gradually raising the rail and sinking Davis Road under the elevated rail line
  • Extending Davis Road to Third Avenue to maintain the important east/west connection for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Widening Davis Road to accommodate up to four lanes of traffic (two in each direction)
  • Installing traffic lights at the Davis Road intersections at Albany Highway, Streich and Railway avenues, and also at the Gilwell Avenue / Albany Highway intersection
  • Removing the existing traffic lights along Denny Avenue at Albany Highway, Streich and Railway avenues
  • Upgrading Albany Highway to include two new signalized intersections and provide new turning lanes for Davis Road and Streich Avenue
  • Creating a walk/cycle path over the new Davis Road underpass on the Railway Avenue side of the rail line
  • Turning sections of Third and Slee avenues into cul-de-sacs
  • Civic improvements and road landscaping to revitalise the Kelmscott town centre including refurbishing Station Masters House and land development opportunities

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Tree removal

Established trees along the rail reserve on Railway and Streich avenues will need to be removed to create space for the construction of the underpass walls. 

A Native Vegetation Clearing Permit has been issued by the Department of Water and Environment Regulation of which the PTA is required to comply with.

Other trees within the project area may also be removed but the project team is aiming to minimise the clearing extent and reduce impact wherever possible.  The project team is working closely with a landscaping contractor to maximise tree retention as well as planting throughout the project area, with an emphasis on the town centre.  

Noise, vibration and light
Noise mitigation measures will be included in the works as required based on acoustic modelling outcomes to minimise impacts to nearby residents.  

Lighting of the new principal-shared path will be directed away from residential properties as much as possible and will be assessed during the final design stages.

Aboriginal Heritage
No registered Aboriginal Heritage Sites are identified within, or in close proximity to the Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal.  A heritage survey and Aboriginal consultation was undertaken to identify the heritage value of the land required for the underpass and surrounding area. Specialist Aboriginal monitoring personnel will be engaged during the excavation of the underpass to further ensure there are no heritage sites or artefacts located within these areas. 


The Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal Community Reference Group (CRG) consists of local residents and businesses to help the project team identify local opportunities, issues and concerns.

The role of the CRG is to act as a sounding board regarding the delivery and impacts of the project throughout the planning, delivery and construction phases.

The CRG is encouraged to bring community feedback or enquiries for discussion in the meetings to identify any issues.

Formed in July 2019, CRG members were selected from 40 nominees representing a range of demographics, geographics, interests, opinions and experience.

CRG members are:
Adrian Baillie, Vicki Clarkson, Hugh Jones, Kelly Lloyd, Ian McAllister, Michael Rudiger, Corrina Smart and Leif Thonell. 

The minutes of each meeting will be posted below. 

Place Making

As part of this project a number of town centre enhancements are being explored.

These enhancements include creating a new plaza near Kelmscott Station with a focus around the refurbishing the Station Master’s House, narrowing and calming of Denny Avenue, planting of trees throughout the town centre, minor road changes to the town centre network, and creation of ‘Station Place’ as a mixed use development site.

The improvements are aimed at providing more effective pedestrian links throughout the Kelmscott town centre and improving the local public environment.

Upcoming Works

Tree removal – starting 6 December, 2019

A number of trees will be removed along Railway Avenue (south of Denny Avenue) to enable the main construction work.

The Public Transport Authority is committed to removing trees only where completely necessary. This includes where roads will be widened and realigned, where ground level changes will damage tree root systems and where existing service utilities may need to be relocated.

Work will start on 6 December 2019 on Railway Avenue, and it is expected this first stage of tree removal work will be complete before the end of the year. 

The work will take place between 7:00am and 7:00pm from Monday to Saturday and during this time there will be increased noise from the machinery being used including a mulcher, truck-mounted cherry picker, chainsaw, stump grinder and excavator.

During the work, there may be impacts to local roads to ensure work can be carried out safely. On-site traffic management, as approved by the City of Armadale, will assist with minimising impacts. 

Utility relocations – starting early 2020

With changes to the road network a major part of the project, some service utilities will need to be relocated.

The first relocation works will be re-laying ATCO Gas pipes that are located beneath the road surface.

This work will start in early 2020, and residents living near to works will be provided more information closer to the start of works.

Additional utility relocation works will start in early 2020, and the community will be kept up-to-date.

Project Documents

Latest News

Kelmscott road and access changes coming soon

Kelmscott road and access changes coming soon

The Kelmscott community are invited to drop-in to one of two information sessions about upcoming road changes in the Kelmscott town centre, as part of the Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal  project. 

On the road to level crossing removal

On the road to level crossing removal

Downer are the preferred proponent to construct the road and civil infrastructure components of the Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal project.

Going out with a bang

Going out with a bang

2019 was a huge year for METRONET with a number of major milestones had.

Level crossing removal contracts awarded

Level crossing removal contracts awarded

Announcing the preferred proponents for two new contracts are important steps to removing up to seven level crossings on the Armadale line.

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