Lakelands Station

Lakelands Station (Yaakanap)

Lakelands Station will be located between Warnbro and Mandurah stations, which are 23km apart, and will provide residents with another public transport option to help ease growing demand.

The Noongar place name for Lakelands is Yaakanap (Yark-an-up) and the narrative is ‘place of the Yaakan (turtle)’.

Project Features

Lakelands Station will have an entry building, two marginal platforms connected by a pedestrian overpass, an eight-bay bus interchange, and passenger car park with around 400 bays.

The project will include:

  • station entry building with standard facilities including ticket and information machines, as well as passenger toilets;
  • pedestrian overpass with lifts and stairs, providing access to platforms on either side of the rail line;
  • passenger car park with around 400 bays, plus drop-off, short-term, motorcycle, and accessible parking. Access to the car park will be off Ashwood Parkway;
  • sheltered, eight-bay bus interchange. Buses will access the station from Lake Valley Drive;
  • secure bike shelters with space for more than 90 bikes;
  • universal access throughout the station precinct;
  • cycling and pedestrian connections to streets immediately adjacent to the station;
  • modification to nearby sections of Lake Valley Drive and the existing roundabout to enable bus movements; and
  • landscaping and public art.

As part of the project, the station will be ‘future-proofed’ to allow additional facilities such as escalators, more lifts, a kiosk, fare gates, and a customer service office to be installed in the future, once demand requires these.

Artist Impression of Lakelands Station from an aerial view looking west

Project Documents

  • General Project

  • Why do we need this station?

    Currently the distance between Warnbro and Mandurah stations is 23 kilometres. The new station at Lakelands will provide another public transport option for local communities and ease pressure on Mandurah Station.

  • When will construction start?

    Works are now underway, and Lakelands Station will open in 2023.

  • Will Karnup Station still be built?

    The State Government remains committed to building a new station at Karnup and will continue to pursue opportunities with the Federal Government for additional funding.

  • How long will the train journey be from Lakelands to Perth?

    The journey is expected to take around 50 minutes.

  • How will Lakelands Station affect property values in the area?

    Better transport connections have the potential to directly lift property values. They can also benefit indirectly through METRONET’s integrated planning approach enabling denser development, leading to more amenities such as shops and health facilities.

  • What road changes will be made in the area to cater for the increased traffic accessing the station?

    Minor modifications to allow access from Lake Valley Drive and Ashwood Parkway will be required, but additional road changes to cater for traffic volume are not expected. This will be confirmed during the detailed design phase of the project.

  • How will passengers access Lakelands Station?

    Buses will access Lakelands Station from Lake Valley Drive. The car park at the station will be accessed from Ashwood Parkway.

  • Will new pedestrian and cycle paths be built to connect the station to the surrounding area?

    Lakelands Station will be connected to existing footpaths immediately adjacent to the station, but building new paths outside the station boundary is not within the scope of the project. We will continue to work with local government to explore additional potential cycling and walking opportunities.

  • How many parking bays will be at the station?

    There will be approximately 400 parking bays. However this is subject to change as the design progresses.

  • How much will parking cost at the station?

    Use of the car park at Lakelands Station will cost the same as parking at any Transperth station, which is $2 up to a 24hr period.

  • Is there a designated area for passenger pick up and drop off?

    Yes, a drop-off area has been planned for the station.

  • What bus services will service the station?

    There are currently three bus routes servicing Lakelands and surrounding suburbs. Once Lakelands Station opens, it is expected that these will be realigned and split into five routes to service the station.

    Community consultation on the bus feeder network will be undertaken within six months of the station opening, and feedback received will be considered with needs of the broader community. It is expected that three of the five planned routes will operate via Lakelands Shopping Centre, giving locals a regular connection between the station and this popular precinct.

  • What security measures will be in place at the station?

    The station will include a wide range of standard security features including full CCTV coverage, duress buttons (including on platforms), plenty of lighting, and Transit Officer presence from afternoon peak until last train each day. The overall design will also make use of passive security measures.

  • Are environmental impacts being considered?

    Environmental management is a key priority for the project. Detailed planning has been undertaken and the project’s Construction Environmental Management Plan includes measures to minimise impacts to the surrounding environment, especially nearby Black Swan Lake.

  • Why do the trees need to be removed?

    Unfortunately, the existing trees within the project boundary need to be removed to accommodate the station’s car park. Opportunities to reuse this timber within the local community will be identified, and more than 100 new trees will be planted within the station footprint. Tree species will be chosen to tie in with the surrounding area and ensure sustainability of future maintenance.

  • How will noise and vibration be managed during construction?

    All work will follow the project’s Construction Environmental Management Plan. Work undertaken outside standard construction hours (7am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday) will also follow an approved noise management plan, which will detail how potential noise and vibration impacts will be minimised. Major impacts, including out-of-hours work, will be communicated to affected residents in advance.

  • How will construction traffic be managed?

    While there will be construction vehicles in the area during construction, it is expected that traffic impacts will be minimal. Prior to construction the contractor will develop and follow a traffic management plan.

  • How will impact to my property during construction be managed?

    All work will follow the project’s Construction Environmental Management Plan, which includes measures to minimise impact to nearby properties. Relevant property owners have also been offered a pre-condition survey prior to construction starting, which will form part of managing any damage that may occur during construction.

  • How can the community get involved?

    A Community Reference Group has also been established to represent the community and act as a sounding board during the delivery of Lakelands Station. Minutes of each meeting are published on the project website. Community members are encouraged to contact the team via or 9326 3666.

  • What employment opportunities will the project provide?

    The project is expected to support 200 jobs during construction.  Any WA Government roles are advertised on the WA Jobs Board. Project roles will be advertised through the contractor, ADCO Constructions.


Latest News

Lakelands Station building shell nearing completion

Lakelands Station building shell nearing completion

METRONET Lakelands Station Project is taking shape with the installation of fluted wall panels.

Artwork set to impress at Lakelands Station

Artwork set to impress at Lakelands Station

Artwork integrated into the new METRONET Lakelands Station Project will reflect local Noongar symbols and cultural themes in a contemporary, abstract design.

National Reconciliation Week 2022 at METRONET

National Reconciliation Week 2022 at METRONET

To mark National Reconciliation Week and Sorry Day at METRONET, we engaged in learning opportunities and activities to reflect on the significance of our shared histories, cultures, and achievements.

Aboriginal engagement leaving a legacy for Lakelands

Aboriginal engagement leaving a legacy for Lakelands

Aboriginal engagement plays a key role in the Lakelands Station Project, with a focus on building relationships that leave a legacy for years to come.

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