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Placemaking and art at Bayswater Station

  • 11 February 2020

The new Bayswater Station precinct will become an important feature of Perth as the first above ground sight for visitors travelling along the train line from the airport.

It will also be where Morley-Ellenbrook Line passengers connect to the Midland Line. Most importantly Bayswater Station will become a significant feature of the Bayswater town centre, so it needs to be a space the community and visitors want to use.

Since April 2018 we’ve heard the community say the new Bayswater Station should:

  • Be a connector across the town, to new places and for visitors to Bayswater
  • Celebrate the area’s rich history
  • Create a station with modern facilities that is safe, functional and integrates with the area’s character
  • Prioritise people of all ages and abilities

While the station infrastructure itself was fixed due to technical, functional and safety reasons, there was an opportunity for the community to provide input on the new public spaces around the station, through the Public Realm and Art Plan. 

In December 2019, 321 Bayswater community members told us how they would like to use the new Bayswater Station precinct. Some of the key takeouts include:


This community feedback will be used to form a plan which will be implemented by the successful Alliance contractor to create the final precinct design.

For a full summary of results, read our fact sheet. 

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