Standard work hours are Monday to Saturday, 6am–7pm, and any out-of-hours works are indicated below. All works will follow approved noise and traffic management plans, and every effort will be made to minimise impacts. For questions about project works, please email or call 9326 3666.

Out-of-hours works

Throughout December, critical works will take place close to the rail and can only be completed safely while trains are not operating, services on the Midland and Airport lines will be cancelled:

  • from last service Friday 15 December until first service Monday 18 December 2023.
  • plan your journey at

As we work towards project completion in 2024, our works will intensify with regular out-of-hours works taking place in accordance with approved noise and vibration management plans. Where possible impactful works will be scheduled during day hours. 

  • drainage works including saw cutting road, excavation, compaction and reinstatement on Coode Street between the pocket park and Burnside Street (4 - 8 December)
  • construction of retaining walls on Railway Parade, backfilling of soil, compaction works, earthworks and drainage works within the rail reserve, east of Bayswater Station
  • road works throughout the precinct (ongoing)
  • station platform, station building and bridge works (ongoing)
  • rail works including the instillation of signalling and communications pipes, track maintenance works and distribution of ballast
  • shared path works on Whatley Crescent between Hamilton and Cobden Streets (until mid-November)
  • footpath paving works include instillation and reinstatement throughout the town centre.
  • Halliday Park drainage works installation of underground storm water tanks including backfilling, irrigation works, and turf reinstatement. (Sundays only)
  • shared path works between Hotham and Leake Street
  • footpath resurfacing and pedestrian access enhancements on Whatley Crescent and Hamilton Street (until November).

Road works (ongoing)

Works to facilitate permanent road changes on Railway Parade and Beechboro Road South are underway.

Certain road works can only be completed during dry weather conditions, therefore works may need to be rescheduled if necessary. 

Coode–King William streets

  • Traffic management and changed lane configurations on King William Street, between Murray Street and Mills Avenue from early-November to late-December for bridge works
  • upgrading the Coode–King William Street and Whatley Crescent intersection including curb and footpath works, drainage works and water main installation
  • changed lane configurations on Coode Street and King William Street, between Murray and Burnside Streets for retaining wall, bridge, landscaping and road works
  • pedestrian access along Coode Street is via a temporary undercover walkway on the eastern side of the street
  • local businesses remain open.  

Railway Parade

  • Works including pavement reconstruction, asphalting, kerbing, line marking, drainage, signage installation and road verge works
  • westbound lane intermittent closures on Railway Parade between Hotham and Lawrence streets. Local access maintained
  • Railway Parade closed between Lawrence Street and Mills Avenue for asphalt resurfacing works. Local access maintained
  • Railway Parade cul-de-sac lane closures for drainage and pavement works

Whatley Crescent

  • Whatley Crescent eastbound lane closed, between Garratt Road and King William Street nightly from 8pm to 5am 
  • drainage instillation through trenching, excavation and backfilling on the corner of Leake Street and Whatley Crescent, and Roberts Street and Whatley Crescent
  • works including asphalting, kerbing, installation of signage and street lighting on Whatley Crescent, between Cobden Street and Garratt Road
  • at times the ramp from Hamilton Street to the Whatley Crescent extension road will be closed to facilitate works in the garden beds. Pedestrians are asked to use the stairs or follow the yellow signs along the new paving down to the town centre. Bike users are asked to travel along the elevated cycle path, over King William St and use the ramp down to the western station entry
  • lane closure on corner of Hamilton Street and Whatley Crescent for road resurfacing works. Access to Hamilton Street car park and Bayswater Police Station maintained.

Beechboro Road South connection

  • Road works at Beechboro Road South and Drake Street intersection, and under Bayswater Station to build the new Whatley Crescent extension road which reopened on 8 October
  • installing a new footpath on the northern side of Beechboro Road South and Railway Parade. A temporary pedestrian ramp and fenced path on the road will be installed in front of the Bayswater Hotel.

Leake Street

  • Works including asphalting, line marking, spray and seal, profiling, kerbing, drainage installation and road verge works on Leake Street between Whatkey Crescent and Murray Street.

Rose Avenue

  • Works including asphalting, curbing and line marking 
  • resident access will be maintained.

Halliday Park drainage works (until early-2024) 

  • Works to install new drainage tanks in Halliday Park

  • works will include excavation, installation of underground storm water tanks and reinstatement
  • during Halliday Park works the southern section of the park will be temporarily inaccessible to park users, the work area will be secured via temporary construction fencing.

Retaining wall, Railway Parade (until late-December)

  • Building a retaining wall along Railway Parade, between Hotham and Coode streets
  • dust, noise and vibration impacts. Property access will be maintained to the Railway Parade cul-de-sac.

Water main installation, Railway Parade and Whatley Crescent (ongoing)

  • Replacing a water main on Whatley Crescent 
  • connecting new water main pipes to the existing network via open excavation between Hotham and Coode streets until late-December
  • traffic management, heavy machinery and equipment used to excavate, lay pipe and backfill open trenches, including some out-of-hours work
  • property access maintained.

Morley-Ellenbrook Line connection

  • Intermittent out-of-hours works from 7pm–7am, Monday to Friday required near Railway Parade between Beechboro Road South and Tonkin Highway (until late-2023)
  • construction of retaining walls on Railway Parade, backfilling of soil, compaction works, earthworks and drainage works within the rail reserve, east of Bayswater Station
  • construction of the viaduct structure including concrete pours (until early-2024), and traffic impacts on Railway Parade (until early-2024). 

Railway Parade closures

Railway Parade is closed in both directions from Bassendean Road to Clavering Road and the westbound lane of Railway Parade is also closed in sections until early-2024.

Material storage (until June 2024)

  • Sections of Railway Parade, Memorial Drive Reserve, and Halliday Park will be temporarily used to store materials close to the work site to help complete works safely and efficiently
  • stockpiles will be fenced and works will not impact playgrounds, car parks, community garden, main lacrosse pitch, archery area or war memorial
  • once storage of these materials is no longer needed, the reserves and parks will be reinstated. 

Shared path works (ongoing)

  • works including drainage installation and remedial works on the shared path between Meltham Station and Cobden Street
  • removal of the old temporary on-road path diversion along Whatley Crescent
  • removal of old infrastructure including speed cushions and signage on Railway Parade.

The shared path between Meltham Station and Guildford Road is now open. Finishing works are continuing on the path, please follow signage and barriers.

Phasing of works

With the project due for completion in line with the Morley-Ellenbrook Line, the following phasing of works is planned for 2023 and 2024.

Due to the complex nature of road and rail works in the area, the sequence of works is subject to change.

Phase 1

Major road works took place on Coode–King William Street to raise the road levels, install drainage for future flood mitigation and tie into the new Whatley Crescent extension road.

Works to build the northern bridges continued with columns, headstocks and beams installed during this phase.

The southern station building and platforms were built with fit-out of the escalators, stairs, lifts and passenger amenities. 

Works on the Morley-Ellenbrook Line viaduct connection progressed with columns, headstocks and beam installation. 

Bayswater Station reopened on 8 October, along with the new Whatley Crescent extension road.  

Phase 2

Bayswater Station’s southern platforms are now operational and works continue on the northern station building and platforms. The station car park is also being built.

Works to install an underground storm water tank beneath Halliday Park – to mitigate future flooding – will begin in late October. These works have been planned in consultation with Bayswater Lacrosse Club to occur outside of the sports season.

Works will not impact the playground, car park, community garden, archery area or war memorial, and the park will be reinstated after use.

Drainage works are also progressing on Rose Avenue, the bus link area and Coode Street where essential road works also continue.  

The viaduct construction for the Morley-Ellenbrook Line connection continues with a focus on concrete works.

Phase 3

The final phase of work occurs throughout 2024. 

Landscaping, public art installation and civic works around the station – including footpaths and finishing touches on the public spaces are taking place.

The northern station building and platforms are being finalised.

Works for the Morley-Ellenbrook Line continue until late-2024.

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