New Bayswater Station

New Bayswater Station (Biraliny)

The New Bayswater Station will improve connectivity with the Midland Line, Forrestfield-Airport Link and Morley-Ellenbrook Line connections providing a new level of public transport service to Perth’s north-eastern suburbs.

The Noongar place name for Bayswater is Biraliny (Birr-al-in) and the narrative is ‘the track where the Merenj (food plants) is located’.

While this complex project marks the first part of the Morley-Ellenbrook Line, it also looks to balance priorities identified during stakeholder and community consultation, such as improving connections across the railway, allowing for increased bus services to the station, improving cycling and pedestrian movements and creating a rail bridge and station that fits within and complements the town centre. 

The station will have two entrances and two single escalators, providing access to each island platform and an accompanying set of stairs and lifts, while including passenger amenities.

Read more about the project on the New Bayswater Station fact sheet.

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Bayswater Connection

The Morley-Ellenbrook Line will connect from Bayswater Station to the Tonkin Highway via an elevated rail structure (viaduct) which crosses over Clavering Road, Railway Parade and the Midland Line.

Through consultation with impacted residents, the City of Bayswater, the Community Advisory Group and the Office of Government Architect, the team has refined the design to reduce the height, bulk and scale of the viaduct and reduce the impact of project works.

Landscape design

To create a functional and appealing streetscape along Railway Parade, formalised parking, a shared path, landscaping and public art is included in the design. The details of these aspects will be confirmed through the upcoming landscape design process.

Read more in the New Bayswater Station Viaduct fact sheet.

Art Walk

Celebrate Bayswater Art Walk

The Celebrate Bayswater Art Walk features a 68m temporary mural that encourages people to visit and support local Bayswater businesses during works on the New Bayswater Station.

The 27-panel mural was created by local community artists Gabi Mazalevkskis and Alli Sylvestre who engaged residents, creatives, primary schools, businesses and community groups to uncover the stories, personalities and images of Bayswater.

The result is a creative snapshot of Bayswater’s local landmarks, colourful characters and history that reflects the themes of past, present and future connections.

Thank you to the local primary schools, creatives, filmmakers, musicians, businesses and community groups for being part of this great initiative.

About the Artists

Gabi Mazalevkskis

Gabi specialises in theatrical pyrotechnics, set and prop design, and community art and is a painter, sculptor and drawer. After teaching for 15 years at the WA School of Art and Design, Gabi now focuses on studio work through venues such as the Laneway Artspace in Bayswater.

Alli Sylvestre

Alli’s background includes graphic arts, film and blogging, working on festivals and community events and coordinating public exhibitions for local artists. She enjoys creating artwork for printed material, painting with oils, and collaborating with Gabi on opportunities and projects through the Laneway Artspace.

Latest News

New Bayswater Skate Park opens at Wotton Reserve

New Bayswater Skate Park opens at Wotton Reserve

The new Bayswater Skate Park is now open!

Bayswater bridge beam lift marks stage one milestone

Bayswater bridge beam lift marks stage one milestone

The final 10 beams for the southern bridge of the METRONET New Bayswater Station Project have been installed.

Midland Line Shutdown postponed until early-2023

Midland Line Shutdown postponed until early-2023

The Midland Line Shutdown has been postponed to facilitate critical works on the METRONET New Bayswater Station Project.

It's all about the art at New Bayswater Station

It's all about the art at New Bayswater Station

Seven local and Noongar artists with diverse backgrounds, experience and styles have been selected to create public art as part of the METRONET New Bayswater Station Project.

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