Bayswater Station Upgrade


The Bayswater Station Upgrade is an exciting opportunity to attract investment to the town centre and help it grow into a place in which people want to live, work and visit. It is also an extremely complex project with many engineering, traffic and access challenges to address.

Since the project was announced in March 2018 and engagement began, the team has assessed a number of options against the fixed parametres using stakeholder and community feedback received from over 300 people who attended drop-in sessions, 972 people who completed the online survey, four Community Advisory Group meetings and various feedback received over the past eight months.

This concept design balances the community’s priorities by:

  • Creating new public spaces, both around the station and potentially at the Whatley Crescent-Hamilton Street connection;
  • Supporting pedestrian friendly streets with wider pedestrian paths in front of the retail precinct, more open space under the rail bridge, a grade separated 'police to pub' path, better phasing at the traffic signals and reducing road crossings for bus-train transfers;
  • Improving traffic conditions by reducing Whatley Crescent to one lane in each direction, removing one set of traffic signals and prioritising local traffic in the area;
  • Creating station structure and design that integrates with the town centre; and
  • Supporting long-term opportunities for future growth in the town centre.

The Public Transport Authority will take this concept design to market in early 2019 to award a contract in late 2019, construction can then begin. While the fundamental aspects of the concept design will remain, the design may see some changes as it moves into the next phase.

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